Become a Caregiver

Child wearing a wool winter hat and jacket next to a Metis style bead work design

Become a Caregiver

Sadly, we have nearly 11,000 children and youth in the care of Manitoba’s Child Welfare System. About 1,300 of these young people are in the care of our two Metis CFS Agencies. Only about 1/3 of the children in our agencies’ care are placed in culturally appropriate homes.

We need people from our Métis and Inuit communities and families to know that there are children who need your help. Our young people desperately need to know they have community and family people who care.

You do not need a specific skill level to become a caregiver. You need to have kindness, compassion, patience and love in your heart. We need people who care! Our agencies will be there to help and to guide you.

Who we need most

Our greatest need is for caregivers that can keep our young people connected to their culture, families and communities. We especially need caregivers who can take in school age children, older children/youth and sibling groups so that brothers and sisters can stay together.


We need family members who can take in their nieces or nephews or grandchildren

Please watch our video about an inspiring Kookum (Grandmother) caring for her 10 grandchildren. Sometimes families go through rough patches and sometimes with our help and the help of their extended families, parents can have time to work on their challenges and families can be reunited safely and happily.

We need people in the community who have a loving, trusted relationship with a child in care or a child who is at risk of being placed in CFS care.

Please watch the following video about a couple who have taken in three brothers and given them a loving home.

Contact us about the possibility of becoming a caregiver.

Winnipeg, Interlake & Southeast Regions

Alternate Care Intake
Contact: 204-927-6811

Southwest, Northwest, The Pas & Thompson Regions

Contact: 204-622-3520